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Quality Assurance

Our mission is to service our customers with the finest quality dates whilst adopting principles of care, fairness, ecology, and health!

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Having in mind that our company is aiming to service the leading chain's stores and wholesalers worldwide, superior quality is one of our most important concerns.

Medjool Plus monitors the dates from the plantation up to the final pack with close contact through the stages of growing, packing and delivery keeping full traceability of the dates.

The quality measurements are the main and basic demand from our growers and packing houses. As such they are obliged to have Global G.A.P, BRC, HACCP as well as organic certification for our organic dates.


Our strict policy for Hygiene in the field as well as in the packing houses is followed by all parties. All the growers follow the EEC and PPIS (Israel Agriculture ministry- Plant protection service) regulation as far as the usage of pesticides, herbicide and other treatment in both organic and non-organic dates.

The packing houses follow sanitation rules and use only detergents that are allowed by the PPIS and control bodies for organic dates.

The packing house hires workers according to the Israeli labor law and code of practice.

Our traceability system allows us to allocate the journey of each and every carton from the packing house to the market.

Every category has its' own specification and we are happy to share it with our clients. This enables them to order the exact category they are looking for. All the packing materials used are according to the E.E.C regulation for direct contact with food.

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